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Small Office, Home Office Resources

Telecommuting Resources, Virtual Teams
This site is geared for helping organizations work effectively when teams and internal partners are not co-located and must find "new ways to work wisely." Increasingly in many organizations, people are working longer hours, with fewer resources, and within virtual teams. The challenge of achieving results under these conditions is explored at this website, including tele-working, virtual teams, sales performance and work life issues. Includes information on e-learning programs, consulting services, booklets and guides, training programs, workshops and seminars for home office professionals.

Rent a Moving Truck Instead of a Car
Is the price of a rental car too expensive for your budget? Check out this innovative way to deal with the high cost of transportation: consider renting a moving truck instead of a car. If all you need is a reliable vehicle which can get you from Point "A" to Point "B" or you want to take a different type of transportation for your next vacation, consider getting a quote for a moving van instead of a car rental. If you'lre looking for a long term car rental in Los Angeles for under 25 drivers, check out Rent A Wreck in West LA. For a rental car in Venice Beach, book with Marathon Car Rental, serving LA beach cities, including Santa Monica, Venice Beach and Marina del Rey.

7 Things Auto-Body Shops Won't Tell You
When insurance providers give policyholders who have been involved in an at-fault accident a list of auto body shops, the consumer still needs to be cautious. Before agreeing to have a particular shop perform the work, make a point of checking out these seven ideas which auto body shop managers and owners will not reveal to drivers. It's a real eye-opener and is full of good information for drivers who need to get their car fixed after a loss. If you see top-quality auto body Los Angeles, visit Westwood Auto Body on the west side of LA, on Westwood Blvd. north of Olympic Blvd.

Home Office Resources and Products
A list of home office books and resources broken down into categories such as credit and collections, human resources, business planning, banking and investors, business planning, creativity, entrepreneurism, communication, home office resources, home-based work and tele-working.

The Small Business Know-How Resource
This web site offers simple advice for small business owners. Entrepreneurship, inspiration, marketing, leadership, management, and expenses are just some of the topics covered on this user-friendly site. There are also frequently asked questions (FAQ's) on small business topics like government grants, mistakes to avoid, and small business loans.

Snail Mail Marketing with Bulk Mailing Software is an Effective Sales Strategy
Companies who try to save money by doing away with postal software and mass mailing programs are making a mistake. Direct mail is still an effective marketing strategy, and this informative article provides specific examples of why companies who cut back or eliminate their programs are behaving in a misguided manner. Find out why personalized mailing are preferable to sending out mailers in bulk to a purchased contact list. MailersMVP sells the leading bulk mailing software for direct mail marketers seeking significant USPS discounts on their professional mailings.

What You Need to Know About Auto Body Shops from Kiplinger
Kiplinger gives consumers information they can use to make the best decisions about which auto body shop to use for repairs following an accident. The site points out that even a minor accident can lead to large car repair bills, how auto body shops work with insurance companies to keep repair cost down, why European cars need to be looked after by mechanics with special knowledge and training, and more.

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