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Home Repair & Care Resources

Enhance Your Patio with a Built-in Fire Pit
If you are interested in enhancing your patio area, consider installing a built-in fire pit. This informative site provides a detailed list of instructions that includes tips like using retaining wall stone as one of the main materials for the project. Visitors to the site will also learn how to choose the right spot for their new built-in fire pit and how the measure the area once they have selected it. Other subjects covered here include positioning granite stones close to a retaining wall, using lava rock effectively and adding a fire pit to an existing landscape design so that it blends in effectively.

DIY Auto Body Repair:Protect Your Auto Paint with a Clear Coat Protector
If you want to learn about about painting and you like watching auto body repair videos, check out this offering from About.com. You will discover the right procedure for applying a clear protector to your vehicle to protect the auto paint job. For the best services in auto paint Los Angeles, see Westwood Auto Body on the west side.

Looking for a Roofing Company? Check Out Roofing.com
Roofing company listings organized by location are only one reason why Roofing.com is worth a surf. The site includes a discussion board with numerous topics, and helpful tips for homeowners who want to learn more about roofing replacement or repairs. A glossary of terms is provided, as well as answers to FAQs.

Get Helpful Tips to Maintain Your Water Fountain
Ideally, you want your water fountain to provide you with a number of years of enjoyable use. To achieve that goal, you will need to plan for regular maintenance. This is not an activity that will take a major time commitment; all you need is to set aside a few minutes a week to top up the unit with more water and to clean the pump. Get tips for dealing with issues like mineral stain and how to pump water out of large fountain.

Tips for Sticky Situations Available Here
Have you ever wondered how to stick two completely different materials together? Look no further than this informative site that provides helpful information about sticking glue, metal, rubber, and more to other substances effectively. This is a must bookmark site for people who want a quick reference for how to complete a project by using the right product for their adhesive needs. It also includes a helpful list of specs for various types of glue products.

Home Maintenance Tips from Weather.com
This dedicate page at Weather.com contains some useful home maintenance tips. This includes tips on how to maintain a fireplace, deck, sump pump, pool and spa, and gutter. A specific article is how to choose firewood while another one has advices on how to prevent water damage. You can also read helpful articles for maintaining house for different seasons and during the holidays. A separate post explains some safety guides when installing Christmas lights. There are also monthly tasks for the entire year, from January to December.

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