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Real Estate Resources

Real Estate Investing for Beginners: 14 Tips for Success
A perfect guide for beginners, this article by Real Estate in Your Twenties helps you move in the right direction for making a real estate investment. It focuses on some of the essential suggestions that you need to implement so as to make your investing experience a rewarding one. The idea of no risk no gain has been beautifully portrayed in the article. While you definitely need not be a pro, but then, what you should consider doing is a proper research work. Your love for reading various investment guides, interactions with local investors, implementation of unique thought patterns, basic understandings of calculations are only a few reasons that have been included in this article to help you make better investment deals.

Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding
If you have no idea about what crowdfunding is, then this CCIM Institute article will explain it lucidly. One of the major choice for investing or funding, you can bank on it for your commercial property needs. In this article, three eminent members of CCIM team consisting of Elizabeth Braman, Adam Hooper and Darren Powderly have expressed their opinions about the normal type or size of the deal that your company should target to obtain equity crowdfunding. They further discuss the various options from where you can look for appropriate deals. And then, you also get an idea about their parameters so as to put a property up for crowdfunding. The article focuses on other essentials such as the standard timeframe for crowdfunding real estate deals, specific due diligence needs for investors on crowdfunding deals and the investor exit strategies on crowdfunding deals.

Hotel Investment in Spain in 2016
In this article, Ideas discusses an event that was organized to help individuals know about the Spanish hotel market. Eminent speakers like Miguel Vázquez, Javier Arús, and Ángel Luis Rodriguez spoke about the hotel investment activity in Spain. Spectators were briefed about the sum invested for the hotel industry. They came up with different statistics so as to guide viewers and educate them about the approximate expenses involved in selling hotels. The presentation was followed by a further discussion concentrating on the present scenario of the Spanish hotel market. Future investment goals of their companies were brought to the limelight. Clarifications were made on how hotels in good locations will help them crack better returns on investment. They drew a conclusion that Spain can do a good business in the hotel industry by welcoming a good flow of international tourists.

Will Brexit Mean Boom for Miami Real Estate Market?
This Local 10 article shows how real estate experts are positive about the Brexit impact. Developers anticipate that the real estate market in Florida will experience a boom in foreign buyers. With a stable real estate market, Miami assures to rule this industry. Builders also confirm that buyers who once favored properties in London are now making a move to Miami, as they consider it to be a safer and valuable investment compared to the former. With an annual increase in property dealings from four to ten percent, it goes without saying that Florida real estate is a precious option across the globe.

Real Estate in Your Twenties.com
Real Estate in Your Twenties narrates the basic steps that Brandon took to buy his dream property. He invested just $1.00 to purchase his property. And he firmly believes that in the due course of time, the same property will yield him good returns. However, on a simultaneous note, he clearly states that there is no secret recipe to get the job done. In fact, each deal is different from the other, hence there is no point in imitating the steps, which he took. Rather, as potential buyers, you can surely draw inspiration from these efforts and crack your own deal, your way.

European Hotel Investment Survey
Deloitte, a leading consultancy firm in this article talks about a survey, which was conducted by the delegates in Deloitte European Hotel Investment Conference 2016. The article discusses the different opinions put forward by senior hospitality personalities including investors, developers, lenders, operators, and owners. The survey conducted, essentially focuses on three prime areas, i.e. the present scenario of the hotel market in Europe, the different opportunities that investors can expect from this real estate market and the top investment destinations in Europe. Moreover, the article also gives you fair idea that destinations like Edinburgh, Manchester, and Birmingham make good options for investors interested in good returns on investments.

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