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Do-It-Yourself Lighting Projects

24 Clever DIY Ways To Light Your Home on BuzzFeed.com
Providing beautiful lighting for your home is not as hard as you think. All you need is to apply some creativity and you can do it by yourself. If you need some bright ideas, check these 24 home lighting DIY projects at BuzzFeed.com that come with stunning photos. Here, you shall see how an empty wine bottle was used as an outdoor sconce. There is also a simple guide on how to create your own artistic chandelier using only plastic spoons and a water jug. Other projects are made up of paper cups, empty cans, rope, straws, and paper.

Installing Recessed Lights
A step-by-step instructional tutorial about installing recessed lights, the site features installing eyeball-type lighting and downlights. Ideas for spacing lights and finding lighting joists is included with descriptive diagrams. How to disconnect and remove current lighting fixtures is explained, as is cutting drywall for lighting installation. Lighting wiring and specifics of installation are featured. All step-by-step lighting tips are accompanied by interactive video. A lighting materials and tools list is included to ensure all supplies are available.

Add Firelites and Continue Using Your Back Yard into Cooler Months
Backyard fun doesn't have to end when summer does. By adding a few elements, such as firelites, you can continue entertaining in style. By replacing summer-toned cushions with rich fall shades, you can create an inviting fall look. Add in-season fruits and candles and you have created a place to entertain guests outside in comfort.

16 Gorgeous DIY Lighting Fixtures
New lighting is surely one of the best ways to changing the look of a home. However, the prices of light fixtures can definitely dampen the energy of most homemakers who are looking to embark on a new lighting project. Fortunately, homemakers who have limited budgets can take on DIY lighting projects that are not just inexpensive but are also aesthetically pleasing and satisfying to make. One can make a bowl wall sconce, a statement pendant, a plumbing pipe light, a candle lantern chandelier, or a geometric lampshade the possibilities are endless! Any crafty homemaker can come up with attractive light fixtures by simply following the tutorials found on the links featured in this Babble article.

Collection of Lighting DIY Ideas and How-to Articles
If you need some DIY ideas and how-to articles about lighting, the section at Curbly.com has tons of them. Among the projects you can do yourself are a modern brass chandelier, a minimalist wooden tripod table lamp, a set of modern concrete pendant lights, a set of mini marquee lights, and a modern tube light. You can also learn how to make your own geometric pipe pendant light, a sponge> lamp made from masking tape, a modern geometric lampshade, and others. There are also a separate post containing 20 outdoor wedding ideas that cover everything you need, from outdoor lighting projects and unique decors.

Visit DIYLightingProjects.com for more resources.

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