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Home Security Resources - 11

Tips to Keep Burglars from Targeting Your House
This is from the site The Top Tens, which is Top Ten Lists on everything from rock bands to insults to nail polishes. The goal of this information is to help your set things up so that burglars simply avoid your house all together. Make it look like you're home. So if you're away, remove as many signals as possible, such as stop deliveries or make sure neighbors take care of them. Keep things well lit, as it's estimated that 90 percent of all intruders choose not to enter well lit residences. User high wattage bulbs and install motion sensor lights. And don't forget about unattached property, such as a storage shed or separated garage. Keep things locked. This sounds obvious, but nearly half of all burglaries are no force entries, or crimes of opportunity, such as an open window or unlocked door. Keep your vehicles locked up as well. Finally, advertise that your home has a security system with a sign and posting stickers. If your home has a home security system, then flaunt it. And if doesn't, then lie.

Articles for Moms: 15 No-Cost Ways to Protect Your Home and Family!
This article references the Dept. of Justice that an American home is burglarized every eight seconds and that three out of four homes will be burglarized over the next two decades. It provides 15 ways to protect your home and family so you don't become a statistic. The guidelines include securing doors and windows, not leaving notes on the door, leaving lighting on, keeping your garage door opener in a locked car, joining a neighborhood watch group, unlisting your home address in the phone book, keeping emergency numbers handy, keeping valuables out of sight when company visits, never opening your door to a stranger, keeping personal areas of your home off limits to strangers, never giving your keys out to strangers, never give out personal information to strangers who call you on the phone, and more. These are common sense home safety tips that work.

Campus Safety Magazine
This is a trade publication for campus police chiefs, security directors, IT personnel, emergency managers and executive administrators responsible for or involved in security and public safety for schools, universities and hospitals. But it certainly has lots of good information for individuals attending or employed by these institutions for becoming aware of potential dangers and taking steps to protect themselves. There's a lot of information on the site. It has news, products, videos, a photo calary, blog, podcasts, research, events, webinars, a directory and educational tools—in addition to the magazine. There are sections on mass notification, school safety, emergency management, university security, hospital security, security technology, public safety, and students/ parents,

Pepper Sprays for Home Defense
Pepper sprays are usually thought of as a personal protection tool on the streets; however, they can and should play a key role in defense of your residence, according to this article. If you must confront an intruder at home, an effective fogger pepper spray can be used directly on the intruder or an area contaminate to provide a barrier that enables you to escape. Four factors determine effective home defense with pepper sprays: placement and immediate availability; ability to retreat to a safe place and call for help; developing a defense plan that includes all residents, and practicing the planned response. Regarding locations, the bedside and main entrances are primary, and the larger the residence the more locations to account for. You can hide the sprays, and use Velcro if you need to place it in an unusual place. Also note that for home use, the best kind of pepper spray is a fogger so that the fog hands in the air and gives you time to escape.

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