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Home Security Resources - 04

Home Security Checklist
No home is absolutely burglarproof. If a burglar targets your home for some reason, there is virtually nothing that will keep him out if he is determined enough. However, by taking a few precautionary steps you can make your home unattractive to burglars and less likely to be broken into. Here checklist from the Sacramento County, California Sheriff to use to check your home for safety measures. Items where you check the No box indicate areas where you should take action to improve your home's security and decrease the likelihood that your home is targeted for a crime. The checklist is broken out in the following categories: Exterior Doors, Garage and Sliding Door, Protecting Windows, Outdoor Security, Security When Away from Home, and Outdoor Valuables and Personal Property. Taking For Security When Away from Home as an example, the items are: at least two light timers have been set to turn the lights on and off in a sequence; there's a motion detector or other alarm system that can be activated; mail and newspaper delivers have been stopped or will be handled by a neighbor or friend; and a neighbor has been asked to tend the yard and watch your home when you are away. Burglars are generally opportunistic. In other words, they enter homes that present the easiest target. If you follow this checklist from the Sheriff of Sacramento County, your house will not be on your neighborhood burglar's to-do list.

Burglar Proofing from Better Homes & Gardens
The website for Better Homes & Gardens has several articles that address everything you need to know about burlgar proofing your home. Some of the advice to be gleened include: make sure your outside doors have deadbolt locks; simple key locks are considered a joke by professional burglars, tips for securing your sliding glass door, which is one of the most common doors burglars use for gaining entry into your home, how to double lock hung windows and basement windows, don't hide keys around the outside of your home, make sure all outside doors are metal or solid wood and put a security sticker on your doors, install a peephole in outside doors and do not, under any circumstances rely on a door chain to keep a burglar out, install bright lights or motion-detector lights around the outside of your home, keep bushes trimmed away from windows so burglars don't have a convenient hiding place, when you're on vacation use timers to give the illusion that someone is home, and more. Article topics include using special dead-bolt locks, securing windows, securing special doors, adding dead-bolt locks, 10 ways to cut your homeowner's insurance, and evaluating security companies.

Keeping Your Home Safe While You're on Vacation
Vacations are great for the family. They allow everyone to unwind and relax in a different environment, and possibly even learn something at the same time. But vacations also leave your home vulnerable to burglaries. It's no co-incidence that most vacations take place in August and that August is also the month with the most home burglaries. Did you know that more than one out of every four burglaries does not involve forced entry? The thief simply walks in through an unlocked door or climbs in through an open window. One of your first lines of defense against home burglaries is to lock your doors and windows, even if you're only planning to be gone for five minutes. According to the Insurance Information Institute, 9 out of 10 home burglaries could be prevented if all homeowners followed the precautions outlined in this article.

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