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Resources for Specific Gardening
Types and Garden Locations

Canadian Gardening
Canadian Gardening Magazine provides a guide to great gardening ideas, news and fascinating facts. The Garden Talk section is a forum that lets you chat with others about gardening. Ask for help, offer assistance or just swap stories in this forum. This site also features GardenNet, which offers quick and easy access to many garden websites. The gardeners' exchange is a classified ad section. You'll find information about garden clubs and you can log in a see what this month's featured site is. You might also find a gardening with kids section useful. This magazine site is overflowing with garden information.

Plants for the Western Garden
This site is chock full of information about gardening in the West. High Country Gardens features information from experts, tips on how to plant a low-care lawn, internet specials on products. This site's specialty is Xeriscape gardens. You'll find gardening tips a newsletter you can subscribe to and tons of other information. Don't know what xeriscape gardening is? Check out the principles of Xeriscaping and you'll learn that xeriscaping is creating a garden that doesn't rely heavily on water. Xeriscape comes from the Greek word xeri, which means dry. Peruse this site and learn more about this interesting environmentally aware concept.

Aquaponics & Hydroponics Systems
This website is a resourceful blend of information on aquaponics, hydroponics and other controlled environmental systems. Run by Nelson/Pade Multimedia and Consulting, they also provide aquaponics resources such as books, videos, CDs and aquaponics school curriculum teachings. The website features a section on current aquaponics projects, services offered, as well as information about greenhouses. The company can help people get started in the aquaponic industry, and offers aquaponic consulting information. They have the experience to help developing countries as well. Aquaponics can be incorporated into schools to help students learn about biology, botany, chemistry, agriculture and business.

New Designs for Fire Pots for Garden Decor
Fire pot designs don't remain static, and if you want to find out about what's new, check out this informative article. It also covers using fire pots safely on a deck, how they can be used with Citronella gel to keep insects at bay and how you can add a focal point to your backyard by adding one with an attractive brass or brick finish.

Fall Bulb Planting Tips and Advice
If you have ever wanted to plant bulbs, here is a good article of clear, simple tips on D&G Gardens and Crafts to start with to learn the ropes and get started. This site advises that if you plant bulbs correctly, you can enjoy them for years to come. Tips include purchasing larger bulbs or more smaller ones, choosing firm building, selecting a location with good drainage, planting bulbs twice as deep as they are tall, how to plant bulbs in relation to each other, and how to plbnt builbs to keep animals from digging them up. The page provides a printer friendly PDF of the aricle for those who want to keep it for reference.

Visit GardenSpecific.com for more resources.

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