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Table Games Resources

Everything Foosball
This website includes information about the Tornado Foosball World Championships, located in Dallas, Texas. Otherwise, visitors can learn about foosball, including how to play foosball, and talk to other foosball fans. Videos are also included, as is a foosball question and answer hub, foosball resources and links, and results from major foosball events.

Foosball Heaven
This foosball resource site is a little outdated, but still offers a foosball FAQ, information about tournaments, foosball merchandise, virtual reality for foosball, informative videos, links to organizations and a forum for foosball fans to connect. Links to other foosball websites are also available.

The United States Air Hockey Association
This is a members-only discussion group allowing members to receive information about upcoming tournaments, local events, rankings, tips, hints, and even information on tables and other supplies. This group was founded in June of 2001 and currently has 390 members. Joining is free. Simply click on the button which says Join Now and then follow the simple directions. Members can send and receive message from other members of the group, they can upload and view photos, they can chat, use the group's calendar and much more. If you'd like to be part of a group that cares as much about air hockey as you do, then this is the group you'll want to join. Become a member of America's air hockey family.

New to Ping Pong?
This site from About.com has links to several helpful and well-written articles about the game of Ping Pong that are understandable by someone new to the game. Let's face it, everyone who plays ping pong had to start somewhere, and this site is an incredible resource for any beginner. Articles linked to from this site include the professional rules of the game, either in written form or on video, a glossary of ping pong terms, the best score-keeping system I've ever found, ways to start your own ping pong club, what to look for when buying your first paddle, 10 quick tips to better ping pong, an additional article filled with tips for beginners, understanding spin, an extensive background of the game and a lot more. This is an excellent site for the beginning player, covering the basics as well as laying a firm foundation for further progression.

Visit AllGameTables.com for more resources.

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