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Area Rugs Collecting Resources

Old Rugs Online
If you need to know anything about antique rugs, oriental rugs, persian rugs, rug repair, rug cleaning, or rug washing, this is the site where you want to begin. Scroll down the page and click on A Concise and Useful History on Rugs and you will be treated to a wonderful and thorough history of the Persian rug complete with photographs of various styles and colors of incredibly beautiful Persian rugs. Learn about the ancient and mysterious art of wool dying, and learn the fascinating story of how the oldest Persion rug in existence was accidentally preserved in ice by ancient tomb raiders. Learn how the ancient art of rug weaving and rug braiding became so closely associated with this particular area of the world. Learn why Persion rugs are today considered the best rugs made and are so highly prized and sought after. Click on A Complete Source of Information on Different Persian Rugs for an extensive look into Persian rugs from every region of Persia and from virtually every time period. If you have an interest in Persian rugs and their fascinating history, then you won't want to miss this site.

All About Turkish Carpets and Rugs
This resource provides many pictures and topics and classifies rugs by type and region, e.g., Bergama, Antalya, Hereke, Ladik, Kars, Kayseri, Kozak, Kula, Kulluce Milas, Taspinar, Yahyali, and Yagcibedir. It covers the history of rug and kilim weaving, construction techniques and materials and dyes used, the "language" of the motifs used, and much more.

The Seattle Textile and Rug Society
The Seattle Textile and Rug Society is also known as STARS, and the group is dedicated to the appreciation of fine rugs and textiles for those in the Puget Sound area. Through meetings, speakers, newsletters, and exhibitions, STARS provides its members an opportunity to learn and to share their interest in the world of carpets, textiles and the related arts. Anyone interest in studying, collecting, preserving or decorating with textiles and rugs will enjoy being a member of STARS. Group has had forums about textiles and costumes in urban Morocco, Tsutsugaki, Thai textiles, Shahsavan weaving and Kutch embroidery, to name a few.

Visit RugCollecting.com for more resources.

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