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Biking/Cycling Resources

Road Bikes, Triathlon Bikes
So, what is the difference between a road bike and a triathlon bike? This is an appropriate question to ask if your new bike may be used for cycling in events other than triathlons. That is to say, for triathlons but also other types of riding in addition to triathlons. Many people think (incorrectly) a triathlon bike is only good for riding in triathlons. The representatives of the bike shop that wrote this article says that is not correct. Triathlon bikes are well suited for any type of long distance road riding where comfort and efficiency are the primary concern. More information about the comparisons and contrasts between road bikes and triathlon bikes is included here.

Bicycle Times Magazine
BicycleTimesMag.com has articles and videos covering news, culture, adventures, events, and interesting stories about mountain biking. There are also reviews on different mountain bikes and various cycling products such as headlights, gloves, and other accessories. There is a special page that features various advocacies and latest bike rides. One of the biking tips that you can learn from is a list of simple steps on how to fix a flat tire. You can also check their online store and subscribe the printed version of their Bike Times Magazine, the latest media venture from Dirt Rag.

Training4Cyclists.com is the official blog of Jesper Bondo Medhus, an international cycling coach and a medical doctor with a special interest in cycling training. Here, he has shared tons of cycling tips not only for experienced cyclists but for beginners as well. Dr. Medhus is also offering different cycling training programs including Time Effective Cycling Training, 12-Week Cycling Training Plans and his free e-book entitled 47 Tips to Become a Better Race Rider. The site also has a separate page containing case studies and experiments related to cycling.

Facts About BMX Biking
BMX biking is probably one of the more popular types of bike riding. The term BMX stands for Bicycle Moto Cross, which was derived from the motocross, a kind of off-road motorcycling. Young people in the 1960s came up with the idea of using their bicycles to imitate the riding and racing styles of motocross riders. However, the bikes they used then were transport bikes that were weak in structure and were too large for off-road riding and racing. This paved the way for bicycle manufacturers to introduce BMX bikes that were specifically designed for the BMX race track. You can find more facts on BMX riding in this Livestrong article by Owen H. L. Davis.

Elements of Good Bicycling Form
Because the bike section is the longest portion of the triathlon, both in distance and time, it is important to feel comfortable and efficient while riding. If you can learn to become smooth on the bike, you will be able to save energy for the final run portion of the triathlon. There are several skills that you can practice in order to become a better cyclist. First, achieve a high cadence. Cadence is defined as the number of rotations per minute of your pedals. You can determine your cadence by counting how many times your right foot does a complete pedal circle within 10 seconds, then multiply by 6 for total rotations per minute. A good goal cadence is around 90 rotations per minute. This is equivalent to 15 pedal rotations of your right foot in 10 seconds. This may feel fast and awkward at first, but will get more comfortable. Shifting is also imperative, so you can stay at or near the cadence of 90 rotations per minute. In addition, you should practice achieving a circular pedal stroke. The rest of this article gives good cycling tips for a triathlon

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