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Bathroom Makeover Resources

11 Bathroom Renovation Tips on About.com
To make the most of your bathroom renovation, these eleven tips by home renovation expert Lee Wallender at About.com is a must-read. Here, Wallender provided some suggestions regarding lighting, color, flooring, fixtures, mirrors, wall protection, and even the position of the toilet. To add mood to your bathroom, he recommends installation of dimmer switch. For added storage area, you use place hooks. If you have an extra space, putting a decorative item can add beauty. However, it would be better if the decoration also has a practical use such as for storing soap or any small item.

Bathroom Makeover Gallery
Find inspiration for bathroom makeovers on the website for Country Living magazine. This feature contains sets of gorgeous before-and-after photos of 10 bathrooms and simple, clever tips. For example, one bathroom had an old toilet and vanity with heavy sponge-painted walls. In the after photo, it shows the homeowner kept the layout the same to avoid major plumping work, but created a beautiful gray effect with Moroccan cement floor tiles that look like like a fine rug, and replaced the sponge-painted walls with penny tiles. The outdated vanity was replaced with a pedestal sink, and the old toilet with an efficient commode by Toto. A custom medicine cabinet now hangs in the powder room with a modern towel rack. These examples show that dramatic results can be obtained by initiating bathroom-remodeling projects.

How-To Bathrooms from Hometime.com
Hometime.com provides a 15-part feature on remodeling a bathroom. Two factors deterimine the extent of a bathroom project: available space and budget. A full-blown project is really the most efficient way to remodel a bathroom, but it's messy, inconvenient and complex, requiring a do-it-yourselfer who is prepared to take on framing, plumbing, electrical (you can hire an electrician for this) and drywall. The feature article provides detailed discussion of building codes, removing toilets and sinks, demolishing tubs and walls, framing walls and windows, framing showers and tubs, mechanical systems, drywall and backer board, cabinets, countertops, ceramic tile, vinyl flooring, and picking facets, sinks, showers, tub and toilets. There are also bathroom videos on plumbing fixtures, floor warming wire, corner shower, rainfall shower, pivoting show door, and bathroom mirror TV and tankless water heaters.

DoItYourSelf.com Bathroom Remodeling Projects
This section on DoItYourSelf.com is for bathroom projects posted by readers. Each project provides a gallery of before-and-after photos, a budget, the tools and materials required, and a summary of the project. It's a great place to get creative ideas for your bathroom. For example, one project involves gutting a jack and jill style bathroom and turning it into two separate bathrooms, one for the master bathroom and the other for access from the hallway. Many projects are not full-bore remodels, but smaller projects. For example, as the result of a plumbing repair, a homeowner discovered an unused space behind a wall in the small bath, and used it to create a built-in cabinet to gain more storage space. Despite today's homeowner remodeling craze, you should weigh the pros and cons of taking on an entire bathroom project alone. Knowledge—including admitting your strengths and weaknesses—is the key to successfully completing any project on time and under budget. Make sure you know if you want to remodel or simply makeover the bathroom.

Visit RemodeledBathroom.com for more resources.

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